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Buk and its sorroundings

Bük, Bükfürdő

Bükfürdő is located 30 km from Szombathely, 46 km from Sopron and 20 km from Kőszeg, on the half way between Vienna and Lake Balaton. It is easily accessible by car on highway Nr. 84.
The town of Bük is reachable by train on the Vienna-Sopron railway line. Bükfürdő has a bus station receiving overland buses as well.

One of Europe’s best-known and most popular medicinal spas, open-air swimming pools and adventure baths and Hungary’s second largest spa with the most modern sauna world and special Medical Wellness Centre looks forward to your visit in Bükfürdő offering each generation perfect recreation. The spa located on 14 hectares is a real spa complex with its 32 pools and a water surface of more than 5200 m2.







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Sopron is situated near the western borders of Hungary, at the foot of the Alps, 60 km from Vienna and 220 km from Budapest. It is one of the oldest jewelboxes of the country. Sopron merges past and present in itself. It creates a bridge between Hungary and its western neighbours, opening a gate for foreign guests visiting Hungary, as it is symbolized by the coat of arms of the city.

The inhabitants of the city are famed for their hospitality and loyalty to their hometown. This is also symbolized by the 'Gate of Faith', which can be found on the southern side of the Firewatch Tower, the symbol of the city, and which was made in memory of the referendum of 1921.



Kőszeg is a settlement with sub-alpine climate situated at the foot of the Alps. The favourite beauty spots in Kőszeg mountains like Sevenspring, Written Stone or the Old house lookout tower all invite the visitors for a walk. The climate and the soil are both suitable for winegrowing and wine-production. Wine-production provided living for the inhabitants for centuries in the town. According to the tradition, the rank of the free royal city was first redeemed in the county by good quality wine.


Kőszeg – also known as Hungary’s jewel-box – lies in the valley of the mountains surrounded by these vineyards. Its historic buildings and monuments remained almost in their original form due to its former border-town role. As a result, you can visit the former market place (present Jurisich square) with its original buildings and the town-well in the middle. You can also see the Town Hall here, which has placed the local government for 292 years. From the market place we can have a short walk to Jurisich castle, the symbol of Kőszeg. This castle influenced Kőszeg’s and Vienna’s history a lot as in 1532 defenders of the castle stopped the Turkish army advancing to Vienna and defended it against being overrun. Jurisich Castle Cultural Centre and Open-Air Theatre and the local museum operate in this historical environment. In the last decades Kőszeg has became famous not only for its historic buildings but also for its unique honesty boxes. The goods placed in the streets without keeping an eye on them prove that public security is excellent in the town and moreover, the people are reliable and welcome guests with distinguished hospitality.



Sárvár is a town endowed with a rich history, situated in the delta of the Gyöngyös creek in Western Transdanubia, on the banks of the river Rába, which forms the geographical axis of county Vas.

Spa and Wellness Centre Sárvár

Since 2002 the Medicinal and Wellness Spa has gained several awards, owing to quality services, the expertise and client centeredness of the colleagues.

Since 2002 the Medicinal and Wellness Spa has gained several awards, owing to quality services, the expertise and client centeredness of our colleagues.

The exclusive Sauna world is a sanctuary of silence in the spa, where lovers of saunas can make their choice from our offer.

Indoor and outdoor Finnish saunas, bio and steam saunas, steam baths, aroma cabins, a Kneipp pool provide for mental and physical refreshing. This world is like a gem within the spa, where tranquillity prevails and the world outside disappears with a blink of an eye.

Experience the special infusions: Sárvár salt, honey, fruits and icy infusions from autumn to spring.
The Sauna world follows western sauna traditions and is therefore a naked area. Sauna towels are provided for all bathing guests.
There are at the weekends many programs, sport events, concerts entertaining the guests in the Spa.



Szombathely is Vas county seat. He is one of West Transdanubie determining city. The Roman predecessor of Szombathely Claudius an emperor founded it Kr u. around 43 Colonia Claudia Savariensium (Savariaiak his Claudius colony) on a name. In the historical downtown's construction today preserves his mediaeval form. Capital space, a marketplace gave place through more centuries early the Szombathely weekly and for national fairs. From here the settlement received his name: the weekly fairs were kept on a Saturday on Szombathely.



Fertőd from Hanságto the south lying parish with national news. Hungary which can be found here the band of one of the most beautiful baroque castles, which is ancient monument, and from a cultural history viewpoint equally outstanding.

The sights of Fertőd and his neighbourhood, 2001. it was declared the part of the world heritage.

Let him take delight in the landscape, admires his historical memories, and recreation let him recognize the gastronomy of the landscape.

Esterházy castle

Having built Esterházy Miklós prince, a Field Marshal was imperial. Baroque was being built in a style 1764-1766-ban. Much stayed a as guest here beside something else, Maria Theresa and II. József.

The position of the castle and his ornament park quote Versailles, the buildings though the Schönbrunn castle. Beautiful the wrought-iron leads into the yard of a triple gate, which is the castle,. The ornament park U encompasses the building complex in a shape, a fountain is at a standstill on his middle. the park with an expansion of 230 hectares extends on the south side of the castle.

The castle and furnishing him seriously were spoiled in the World War two. Restoring 126 rooms continuous happens. The more valuable parts of the building were restored already.


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